The freezers

I’ve got a freezer on top of the fridge and an apartment-sized deep freeze. I think I’ll do the smaller freezer today and the other next week sometime (or never).

I want my little freezer to hold two ice cube trays, frozen goods to be consumed this week (berries, French fries, chicken wings) and this week’s leftovers, should I choose to make a big pot of chili. I figure long-term frozen items like fish from my fish share and cuts from my 1/4 cow share can be kept in the deep freezer.

I don’t want to have pre-banana-bread bananas hanging around for months at a time. I don’t want to keep my compost in either freezer anymore. I don’t enjoy stock-piling freezer-burned microwave meals. Similar to my fridge, I want both freezers to be easily emptied, cleaned and not on my Mourners’ radar as an unexpected, added stress.

How many cubic feet of freezer space do you use?

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