The credit cards

I’ve spent two decades chasing the perfect credit score. I opened as many credit cards as were offered to me. I used one or two frequently, paying off the balance monthly. A few years ago, my friend asked me why having an excellent/perfect credit score was important to me. I answered that I valued the… Continue reading The credit cards

The refridgerator

I emptied the fridge out of the two-week-old left overs and mostly empty condiment bottles. Turns out I don’t eat as much double fruit raspberry jam in a reasonable time period to keep a very big jar of it! Moving forward, I’m going to try to buy enough groceries for one week only. In the… Continue reading The refridgerator

Death cleaning

The way I see it, Swedish death cleaning is the best gift I can give my Mourners and executor upon my death . The long and short of it is minimalism with the goal to make mourning easier. Over the last three years, several people in my life have died. It’s been tough to see… Continue reading Death cleaning

New Blog!

Good day, good people. I will be sharing my musings here shortly.