One month review

I currently have 9 open tabs, down from 32 last month. I’m being intentional with which stay open and which are best left closed between laptop use sessions. I don’t get as many marketing emails, and have been reading the ones from the lists I’m still subscribed to! I thought I would experience too much… Continue reading One month review

The leftover containers drawer

I stacked the Rubbermaid containers! I stacked their lids next to them! My Pyrex also has their matching lids nearby! I donated the mismatched ones to the recycling bin. I think there are too many containers, and that’s not a problem. Mourners like to cook food for the immediate family, so they will come in… Continue reading The leftover containers drawer

The bathroom drawers

For funsies, I enumerated the items I found in the bathroom drawers. When I got to a dozen, it wasn’t fun anymore. I store the extras of the items that are on the counter in these drawers. Similar to the pantry, I had too many extras that needed culling. Because I know I’ll eventually get… Continue reading The bathroom drawers