The birthday gifts

Death cleaning my birthday gifts wasn’t hard this year! My Mourners have been keeping up with these shenanigans, and have contributed to the death cleaning. I discovered first-hand what internet minimalists mean when they say “give the gift of experiences”.

I enjoyed dinner and a show as a laugh-filled double date. My lover and bestie contrived to get me booked into a tattoo parlour of choice. My kid gifted me chocolates and my teen promised to buy me a 5-year daily journal.

Another best friend hosted my kid for a sleepover so I didn’t have to parent for 24 hours- a welcomed break, for sure! I sent my puppy to her own sleepover for a few nights to have the pleasure of pre-pet life. I got text messages from near and far filled with best wishes and electronic balloons (I haaaaate real ones!). I loved my birthday walk where I received a gift card to a boutique grocery shop that sells fantastic cheese and meats.

I didn’t have to get rid of any material things this year, thank you, friends! I appreciate your support and the love you continue to shower on me.

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