The holey pants

Inspired by my friend who’s paring down her wardrobe, today I consider ridding myself of the pants with holes in them. They’re just tiny holes, only noticeable to me (I think!). The cost of replacing the 4 pairs is too steep for me right now. One at a time is the way forward.

This is a good reminder that I don’t have to rush through my death cleaning ritual. I can take it one item at a time, seeing that I don’t know when I’ll die, and I do know that I could decrease my possessions forever- well, as long as I’m around to do so.

It definitely doesn’t seem like letting go of one pair of holey pants weekly will make any difference for my Mourners. I believe that this small, consistent action will have a bigger impact than not doing it at all. AND I can also be proud of my small accomplishment in and of itself.

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