One month review

I currently have 9 open tabs, down from 32 last month. I’m being intentional with which stay open and which are best left closed between laptop use sessions. I don’t get as many marketing emails, and have been reading the ones from the lists I’m still subscribed to! I thought I would experience too much… Continue reading One month review

The birthday gifts

Death cleaning my birthday gifts wasn’t hard this year! My Mourners have been keeping up with these shenanigans, and have contributed to the death cleaning. I discovered first-hand what internet minimalists mean when they say “give the gift of experiences”. I enjoyed dinner and a show as a laugh-filled double date. My lover and bestie… Continue reading The birthday gifts

The leftover containers drawer

I stacked the Rubbermaid containers! I stacked their lids next to them! My Pyrex also has their matching lids nearby! I donated the mismatched ones to the recycling bin. I think there are too many containers, and that’s not a problem. Mourners like to cook food for the immediate family, so they will come in… Continue reading The leftover containers drawer

The streaming subscriptions

I spent six months this year living without a television screen. I went to my friend’s house to watch Love Life and Couple’s Therapy. I popped in to watch Alias with my kid every now an again. I power-watched 9-1-1 and Chicago Fire on my laptop. For literary entertainment, I listened to audiobooks on my… Continue reading The streaming subscriptions

The “social” friends list

The internet science tells me one can only have so many social connections. I went through my online friends list and deleted connections to people whose names I didn’t recognize. Some names were greyed out, I assume they aren’t using the application to socialize anymore. Some people have died, they won’t be posting about their… Continue reading The “social” friends list

The computer files

How long do you keep files for!? I bet I’ve got some papers that I wrote in Uni 17 years ago on a USB stick or hard drive somewhere.​Let’s start with the easy ones to death clean: …​Oh this seems like another tough category! What’s a bite-size document I can purge? What’s something I hadn’t… Continue reading The computer files