One month review

I currently have 9 open tabs, down from 32 last month. I’m being intentional with which stay open and which are best left closed between laptop use sessions. I don’t get as many marketing emails, and have been reading the ones from the lists I’m still subscribed to! I thought I would experience too much fear of missing out, but it’s been an awkward relief! I hear about the latest trends in real life and am making peace with being out of the loop.

I run the dishwasher more often now that I only have 8 forks in the cutlery drawer. It’s an adjustment, my roommates aren’t loving it. You know what else, they aren’t loving? The near daily trips to take out recycling, garbage, compost or pop can refunds! I don’t mind since I’m spreading the chore load 😀

The Rubbermaid drawer still brings a smile to my face when I see them all staked up in an orderly fashion. I think there’s a better flow to the grocery availability in both cupboards, fridge and freezer. I couldn’t resist buying 8 cans of diced tomatoes and 9 chicken breasts at Costco. Let’s see how I make use of those items in the coming month.

I think I’ve been 53% successful at death cleaning. There’s room for improvement, and I’m motivated to do so. I thought this would be a one-weekend stint, but I think more benefits will become clear in the next two months.

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