The leftover containers drawer

I stacked the Rubbermaid containers! I stacked their lids next to them! My Pyrex also has their matching lids nearby! I donated the mismatched ones to the recycling bin. I think there are too many containers, and that’s not a problem. Mourners like to cook food for the immediate family, so they will come in handy as leftover containers that can be labelled.

There are fewer Mason jars than a few years ago when I canned peaches, tomatoes, apples and grapes. I had dozens of pint-sized and half-pints. I got rid of most of them when we moved from the basement suite to the apartment. Curiously, there are 9 plastic lids, but only 5 jars. I’ll get rid of the extra lids pronto.

What do you store your leftovers in?

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