The streaming subscriptions

I spent six months this year living without a television screen. I went to my friend’s house to watch Love Life and Couple’s Therapy. I popped in to watch Alias with my kid every now an again. I power-watched 9-1-1 and Chicago Fire on my laptop. For literary entertainment, I listened to audiobooks on my library app, and Audible.

I’ve got lots of streaming subscriptions. With companies cracking down on password sharing, I’m going to choose which ones I want to keep. I cancelled Audible, that was easy enough. I paused, so I can catch up on unused credits and finish the 3 books on my listening shelf. I bought Disney+ on an annual subscription and learned they won’t offer pro-rated refunds. That means I’ll keep that around for four more months. Prime and YouTube are frequently used by my roommates. Netflix, Crave and AppleTV aren’t.

By death cleaning my subscriptions, I’m not only lightening the load for my Mourners, Executor and bank account but also for my calendar. I get to spend my time the way I want to, turning television-watching into a more intentional activity (even if that intention is to veg out and root for a fictional character!).

Have you jumped on the death cleaning bandwagon?

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